Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chasing Maballs

I was sitting in the Exodar
Just the other night
When a strange and wondrous creature
Ran past my line of sight

Maballs went flying by
And itching for some fun
Mals hopped into his ghost wolf
And that-a-way, he run

I followed up the ramp
And I looked all around
But Maballs and Mals had vanished
They were nowhere to be found

"Hey Mals, what're you up to?"
I screamed out to the place
"I'm Chasing Maballs"
A grin upon his face

I hesitated for a moment
But this I had to see
So I ran over to the mailbox
In a state of quandary

And there he sat, my friend
Just staring happily
At a furry lump of meat
With mail, presumably

If you haven't realized yet
Maballs is just a toon
He's a level 30 Shaman
I hope you'll meet him soon

(Yes, I want everyone to meet Maballs)

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