Monday, August 17, 2009

A New View of the World (Part 1)

I've been thinking about my view of the world lately, and decided I need to change some things around. So this is my progress so far in that endeavor.

The perspective of a WoW toon is pretty different from yours, I'd bet. We've got all sorts of meters to look at.. random buttons.. just floating around, always in view. They're handy though.

The ways in which I've changed my view of the world here isn't all that important. The key thing for this post is just the bottom panel. It's informative and elegant. I've not yet gotten around to changing much above that area, but those changes will be forthcoming.

Going from left to right, there's my chat box. My bound buttons are above with a resource of more buttons below in the next section. Then there's my damage meter, recount. My map. And finally, an informational section that details my zone, coordinates, and time. The arrow in the middle is pointing me to my next objective, but I've been ignoring that for weeks now.

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